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Civil rights movement


HOPE not hate Charitable Trust has produced the Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement to commemorate and celebrate of all those who took part in the Civil Rights Movement, to the great sacrifice of many.

As is clear from the events of the past year, the fight for racial justice and equality in the United States is far from over. Many of the gains made in the mid-1960s have been clawed back and the criminalisation of America’s Black community from the 1970s onwards has had profound political, economic and cultural consequences. The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests clearly illustrated the anger and frustration of America’s Black communities, just as the right-wing backlash illuminated the resistance to change of many. 

The Heroes series is our way to remember and recognise those who campaigned and fought for equality and against extremism across the world. It is also designed to inspire us in the future.

We celebrate in order to remember – to remind ourselves of the fact that people were forced to struggle for their basic civil rights, but also their heroism in doing so. 

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